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Plastic gears
Plastic gears
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Plastic gears
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  Mold equipment company from JapanSODICKWire walking、SODICKSpiral mirror electric motor、Taiwan21000TurnCNCHigh speed milling、Taiwan micron grade grinding machine and other equipment provides guarantee for the quality of the mould。Company production equipment of more useToshibaToshiba all-electricENASeries injection molding machine,Provide the effective guarantee the accuracy of gear。The company introduces the first testing equipmentGMC260Detection of gear measurement center for gear has been effectively guarantee,And can spur gear measurement、The helical gear、The ring gear、The worm、Hob、Taper tooth and tooth profile。Triple guarantee to our customers' product from to look better。
  The company was established in2003Years,After nearly10Years of efforts and the accumulation of our company currently has3000All equipment and fixed assets,Plant area6000Square。The company has independent research and development department,Injection molding workshop,Mold room workshop,Dust-free assembly workshop,Constant temperature testing workshop,Motor testing workshop and other supporting workshop。
  The company specializes in manufacturing all kinds of plastic gear box、Plastic gear reducer、Automobile electronic actuators、Automobile headlight dimming motor、Auto throttle actuator、Opening and closing door actuator gas、Central door lock actuator、Intelligent ashbin gear box、Intelligent sweeping machine gear box、Intelligent washing footbath massage gear box、Intelligent massage chair gear box、Intelligent toilet cover gear box、Red wine leaves automatic gear box、The coffee machine grinding bean system gear box、The coffee machine gear box brewing system、Automatic curtain lifting gear box、The intelligent valve control gear box、Automatic dome light lifting gear box、All kinds of toys tooth boxes and other gear box and all kinds of plastic gear、The helical gear、Worm gear......