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    Zhejiang east ou filter manufacturing co., LTD(Wenzhou east ou microporous filter co., LTD)Founded in1986Years,Is a professional engaged in solid-liquid precise filtration technology research、Development and production equipment business。It has been32Years of history,Products throughout the country。Now the national high and new technology enterprise、Zhejiang patent demonstration enterprises[To check the details]

Polymer sintering precise microporous filter technology inventor
Enjoy the government special allowance of the state council
Song Xianhong The professor   Song Xianhong:The researchers,Enjoy the government special allowance of the state council,1938Born in,1957In the original chemical hangzhou chemical school graduation(Now in zhejiang university of technology )Chemical equipment,And allocated to the national drug administration Shanghai hospital industry research institute is engaged in the research and development of chemical equipment,Steam in the domestic first developed in the early 60 s...[To check the details]

East ou microfiltration company is founded1986Years,The purpose is to have spent twenty years by professor Song Xianhong developed for independent innovation"The rigid polymer precise microporous filter technology"For a more comprehensive and deeper the application of technology research and development and a larger market development。The technology at home and abroad what no system research and market development,Technical information and the market is almost a blank。Because professor Song Xianhong fought tenaciously for twenty years now,Will be the basis of the technology research and application technology research for breakthrough performance,On the part of the engineering application shows the technology also has great vitality。But as a result of the technology of filter material is independent innovation at home and abroad,Using this kind of filter material filter structure is more...[To check the details]

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